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As a new or existing tenant, you may have many questions about your shopping center. This area of the site provides new and current tenants with valuable information for operating your business.

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Common Questions Back to Top ^

How do I get my telephone and utilities turned on?
click here for your property manager contact
Who is my property manager?
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To whom do I make my rent check payable?
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Where do I send my rent check?
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Who do I contact with maintenance questions?
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What is CAM?
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What is triple net lease?
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What space is currently available in your shopping centers?
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What other properties does Compass Real Estate represent?
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How can I get a free month’s rent?
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Property Management Back to Top ^

Robyn Properties Management Team handles all tenant needs once a lease is signed. Their services include:

  • Initial Start-Up Help and Resource (including utilities)
  • Rent Collection (click here for more details)
  • Lease Administration
  • General Maintenance Services
  • Parking Lot Repairs
  • Lighting in Common Areas
  • Roof Leaks
  • Heating/Air Conditioning Issues
  • Various Other Common Area Maintenance Issues

Robyn Property Management can answer all of your questions. To contact your property manager, find your center and property manager contact below:



Properties Managed

Michele Nelson


Columbia Junction (all phases)
Lyndwood Shopping Center
Meadowridge Business Park
Meadowridge Landing
Walther Shopping Center

Kim Dorman


Back Bay Shopping Center
Seaford Marketplace
Twin Arch Shopping Center
Walnut Ridge Shopping Center

Chip Plitt


Rowanberry Center

For General Inquiries, contact Robyn Properties at 410-442-1500

Emergency Services Back to Top ^

Robyn Properties' 24 hour emergency services department can be reached at the following contact numbers:

Contact Michele Nelson at 443-315-8800 for:

  • Columbia Junction (all phases)
  • Lyndwood Shopping Center
  • Meadowridge Business Park
  • Meadowridge Landing
  • Walther Shopping Center

Contact Kim Dorman at 443-315-8802 for:

  • Back Bay Shopping Center
  • Seaford Marketplace
  • Twin Arch Shopping Center
  • Walnut Ridge Shopping Center

Rent Collection Back to Top ^

Your monthly rent checks (including triple net expenses) are made out to the specific legal entity associated with the shopping center where you have a lease. All rent checks should be made out to the legal entity (click here for each entity by center) and placed in an envelope addressed to:

  • For all centers except Rowanberry Center:
    Legal Entity Name
    c/o Robyn Properties
    3201 Rogers Ave
    Suite 302
    Elliott City, Maryland 21043
    Office: 410-442-1500
  • Rowanberry Center rent checks should be mailed to:
    Bevard Farm Corporation
    c/o Security Development Corporation
    P.O. Box 417
    Ellicott City, MD 21041

Legal Entity by Center (for rent checks)


Legal Entity

Columbia Junction Shopping Center

SCI Limited Partnership

Columbia Junction Phase II, Parcel G-2

Bevard Farms Corporation

Twin Arch Shopping Center

Twin Arch Associates Limited Partnership

Walnut Ridge Shopping Center

Walnut Ridge Corporation

Walther Shopping Center

Dunfield Commercial LLC

Lyndwood Shopping Center

Lyndwood Square LLC

Meadowridge Business Park

Meadowridge Parcel R LLC

Meadowridge Landing Shopping Center

Meadowridge Landing Corporation

Rowanberry Cente

Bevard Farms Corporation

Back Bay Shopping Center

Back Bay Park LLC

Seaford Marketplace

LSDM Properties, LLC

Common Terms Defined Back to Top ^

What is a Triple Net Lease?
A Triple Net Lease is common for retail shopping center leases. A triple net lease requires tenants to pay - in addition to rent - a proportionate share of the expenses for the shopping center’s maintenance, taxes and insurance. Each tenant’s proportionate share is calculated as a percentage of the space leased compared to the total square footage of the shopping center and is paid along with or in addition to the minimum rent for your total monthly payment. The “triple” in Triple Net refers to 1) Common Area Maintenance, 2) Real Estate Taxes and 3) Insurance.
What is Common Area Maintenance?
Common Area Maintenance services (and expenses) include items such as trash removal, snow removal, grounds maintenance, parking lot maintenance and more. All Triplet Net expenses are paid on a monthly basis. Common Area Maintenance services are provided by Robyn Property Management. Click here to find your Property Manager for your center.
What is Minimum Rent?
Minimum Rent is the negotiated, agreed upon monthly rent for space leased in a retail center.
What do I need to prepare from a financial standpoint?
All leases require a simple financial statement showing tenant assets (cash, investments, etc.) and liabilities (financial obligations). Your accountant can complete this analysis or you can simply download this form and complete. Click here for a financial statement form.
What else does Compass Real Estate need to consider my tenancy in their properties?
To ensure the financial strength of its tenant community, Compass Real Estate may request prospective tenants to complete its Consent Form enabling the company to obtain a consumer report and other information. The Consent Form can be found here.

Lease Renewals Back to Top ^

Are you in the final year of your lease? Have you been thinking about expanding your space? Do you need to know the process of renewing your lease? Now is the right time to contact Patti Reynolds, who can help you through this process easily and efficiently.

Questions to ask yourself in the final year of your lease:

  • Are you thinking about investing in improvements to your space?
  • Do you have new business requirements that may alter your space needs?
  • Are you interested in expanding your space?

Once Patti understands your needs and requirements for your business, she will assist you through the entire process, including finding additional or expanded space within your center or at an alternative location, if it best suits your business needs. Patti also manages all aspects of the negotiation process for your lease renewal term and prepares a simple lease amendment reflecting any changes to your lease.

Contact Patti Reynolds now to discuss your business needs.
Click here to email Patti.
phone: 410.531.4809

Tenant Spotlight Back to Top ^

Mt. Airy Tavern

The Mt. Airy Tavern restaurant and bar is a popular dining establishment serving the greater Mt. Airy community. Centrally located at Twin Arch Shopping Center in Mt. Airy, Maryland, the Mt. Airy Tavern is known for its fine food and relaxed, tavern-style atmosphere, which has been welcoming friends and family since 2009.

Click here to learn more about Mt. Airy Tavern.

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Patti Reynolds
Compass Real Estate
8480 Baltimore National Pike
Suite 415
Ellicott City, MD 21043

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